Overview of the major producers of coffee makers, coffee machines.

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    How to choose a coffee maker?

    Coffee makers, coffee machines Delonghi

    Coffee - it is not just a drink. For many - it's a lifestyle. After all, for most of the morning, drink a cup of invigorating elixir - it's almost a ritual. And if before our compatriots preferred instant coffee, today there are many people who love to pamper yourself exquisite just boiled. And this can be easily explained. After all, before prepare this drink alone was not so easy. Have melit grain, fill them in Turk and cook, being careful to not run away coffee. In the bustle of everyday life, especially in the morning, it is not always enough time. But today, desperate lovers drink of the gods appeared real reliable assistants: coffee maker and coffee making facilities.

    If you currently are facing a dilemma - what to get, and wondering which model suits you best, we offer you a small overview. After reading it, you will easily be able to determine exactly what you need and what to choose for themselves. And most importantly - will know exactly what opportunities all kitchen appliances for making great coffee.

    Espresso, maker Philips

    First, let's clarify the difference between coffee from coffee machines. It's very simple. First - this household appliance, the second - a fully automated. If you want to indulge occasionally invigorating drink yourself and your family, and at the same time ready to participate in the process a little coffee, then you should buy a coffee maker. But the coffee machine works a little differently. You just fall asleep in a bowl of grain and make the desired mode. More clever cooking machine will do everything herself. Of course, the cost will be slightly higher.

    It is important to know that different devices can cook very different coffee about the fortress, taste and consistency. Low-end models will cook just flavored drink, and more expensive - gourmet coffee, similar to that served in the elite coffee houses. Let's look at the possibility of some of them.

    Coffee makers, coffee machines Bosch

    French press.

    So, the first coffee, which we pay attention, this French press, or, as it is called - the French press. She looks like a glass pot of cylindrical shape with a mesh metal piston inside. At the bottom of the coffee maker should pour the right amount of coffee and fill it with boiling water. When the coffee is ready, the piston must be omitted (in this case it keeps the coffee grounds), and pour the drink cups. This is perhaps the most budget option coffeemakers, but also the easiest. With it you can make only one type of coffee and brew it must immediately before use. Of course, human involvement in the process of preparation of the beverage in the coffee machine requires the maximum.

    Drip coffee maker.

    Coffee maker, espresso machine Krups

    More convenient and safe option compared with the French press - this drip coffee maker. She has three compartments. One must be placed cold water (liquid volume can be controlled), the second filter is ground coffee, and a third section - a bowl - for the finished beverage, where it gets dropwise fully filtered. Some models drip coffee makers are able to maintain the desired temperature brewed coffee.

    Geyser coffee.

    Another option, comfortable house, it is hot-spring maker. It is of two types - manual and electric. Hand resembles a regular Turk - it is put on the fire. Electric powered by the same network. Like drip coffee, it has three compartments. The only difference - the finished drink falls into a pot not a drop, and a trickle at a special tube. If at this time to open the lid, you can see the process that resembles natural geyser, making coffee and got its name. During coffee, hot water can be adjusted. The slower it will be, the more aromatic and richer get coffee.

    Coffee makers, coffee machines Saeco

    Crow coffee.

    For lovers of cappuccino, latte and other exotic types of coffee, perhaps, the ideal - coffee bean type. It brews espresso, and on its basis can be prepared and lungo, and the Italian espresso, cappuccino and the same word, all that you love. Combination coffee makers come in two forms - steam (to make coffee for a small company) and pump therapy. Some coffee machines of this type are automatically fed milk foam. A more expensive models allow to cook several types of coffee simultaneously.

    If your eyes run, and you want to buy several models, do not rush. After all, you can save money by purchasing generic coffee combined type, which includes several functions of the above devices. Coffee maker firms DeLonghi, Bosch, Jura Krups, Philips today rightfully occupy a leading position in the market of household appliances. And only you can choose what kind of coffee you want to see as an indispensable friend for your kitchen.



    Espresso coffee maker, coffee maker Delonghi ESAM 2800
    Delonghi ESAM 2800

    Drip coffee maker, coffee maker Philips HD 7546
    Philips HD 7546

    Drip coffee maker, coffee maker Bosch TKA 8631/8633
    Bosch TKA 8631/8633

    Espresso coffee maker, coffee maker Krups XN 7305 Nespresso
    Krups XN 7305 Nespresso

    Espresso coffee maker, coffee maker Saeco HD 8880 Intelia Evo
    Saeco HD 8880 Intelia Evo

    Geyser coffee, coffee Bialetti Elettrika
    Bialetti Elettrika

    Espresso coffee maker, espresso machine VITEK VT-1511
    VITEK VT-1511

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